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3proxy plugins:

3proxy unsupported 3rd parties addons/software:

  • 3proxystat simple log analyzer
    Logs analyzer for 3proxy on Windows
  • WrSpy - proxy log file analiser
    requires 3proxy 0.6 with
    logformat "L%C - %U [%d/%o/%Y:%H:%M:%S %z] ""%T"" %E %I %O %N/%R:%r"
    or 3proxy 0.5 with
    logformat "L%C - %U [%d/%m/%Y:%H:%M:%S %z] ""%T"" %E %I %O %N/%R:%r"
    and WrSpy version 1.6.5 or higher
  • WideCAP - Freeware socksifier for Windows.
    Socksifies (that is adds ability to use SOCKS or another type of proxy) to proxy-unaware Windows applications. Supports outgoing TCP and UDP. Yes, you can play your favourite games through proxy.


  • 3APA3A, 3APA3A at 3proxy.ru, code developer
  • Vladimir Dubrovin, vlad at 3proxy.ru, code developer
  • Maslov Michael aka Flexx(rus), code developer (Traffic Plugin)
  • Kirill Lopuchov, code developer (Strings Plugin)

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