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Few antiviral products inadequately detect 3proxy as Trojan.Daemonize, Backdoor.Daemonize, etc and many detect 3proxy as a PUA (potentially unwanted program). It may cause browser warning on download page. 3proxy is not trojan or backdoor and contains no functionality except described in documentation. Clear explanation of this fact is given in Microsoft. article.

3proxy code signing certificate: 3proxy.cer

Last announced 3proxy tiny free proxy version is 0.8.12 (18/04/2018)

  • Release Notes/Features
  • 3proxy-0.8.12.tgz sources for Unix/Linux/Windows and documentation
  • 3proxy-0.8.12.zip Windows binaries, include universal 3proxy tiny proxy server 32-bit version, utilities and documentation, reqires Windows Vista/Window 2008 Server or above.
  • 3proxy-0.8.12-lite.zip Windows binaries compiled with gcc. Works with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003.
  • 3proxy-0.8.12-x64.zip Windows binaries. Include 3proxy universal proxy compiled for Win64 (Vista/7/8/10 and Windows Servers 2008 and above 64 bit editions).

Current development proxy version (0.9b-devel):

  • Changelog Check it for known/fixed bugs
  • GIT
  • 3proxy-0.9-devel.tgz sources
  • 3proxy-0.9-devel.zip Windows binaries. Include 3proxy universal proxy compiled for Win32 (Requires Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 or above).
  • 3proxy-0.9-lite-devel.zip Windows binaries compiled with gcc. This compilation is more compatible with 0.5 version (including counters file format) and works with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Windows Server 2003.
  • 3proxy-0.9-x64-devel.zip Windows binaries. Include 3proxy universal proxy compiled for Win64 (Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 or above 64 bit edition).
  • License Agreement (Freeware)

Archive of older versions:

See also: Plugins and unsupported

There are no currently 3proxy port maintainers for different distributions. If you want to become port maintainer please contact [email protected]


  • 3APA3A, 3APA3A at 3proxy.ru, code developer
  • Vladimir Dubrovin, vlad at 3proxy.ru, code developer

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