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3proxy project donatiions

If you want to support this project technically or financially, or you have some offers/suggestions please contact [email protected], ICQ 1368139. BTC: 1BFYgmikjfUXzaPRwFDkR25oebBBPvpzj8, WMZ: Z793615900490 WMR: R161265384006 WME: E332018975620, please contact [email protected] if you want to donate via wire transfer, cheque or Western Union.

Why should I donate?

Financial support allow developers to spend more time on the project. New feature request supported by financial donation has higher priority. It doesn't mean another requests are ignored.

How much to donate:

The more is better :) But if you can donate only 2 cents, it will support developers morally.

What else can I do?

You can donate your work and time. Participate in development, testing, code audit and documentation creation. Feel free to contact [email protected].

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