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3proxy code signing certificate: 3proxy.cer

Last announced 3proxy tiny free proxy version is (17/02/2015)

Current development proxy version (0.8b-devel):

Counters file format and traffic report format is incompatible with and prior


See also: Plugins and unsupported

There are no currently 3proxy port maintainers for different distributions. If you want to become port maintainer please contact 3proxy@3proxy.ru.

Few antiviral products inadequately detect 3proxy as Trojan.Daemonize, Backdoor.Daemonize. 3proxy is not trojan or backdoor and contains no functionality except described in documentation. Clear explanation of this fact is given in Microsoft. article.


  • 3APA3A, 3APA3A at 3proxy.ru, code developer
  • Vladimir Dubrovin, vlad at sandy.ru, code developer

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