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Title:                  Multiple vulnerabilities in JanaServer
Author:                 ZARAZA <[email protected]>
Date:                   July, 22 2002
Affected:               JanaServer 2.2.1 and prior
                        JanaServer 1.46 and prior
Vendor:                 Thomas Hauck <[email protected]>
Risk:                   High (critical if some services, for example
                        HTTP, are available from public interface)
Remote:                 yes
Exploitable:            yes
Vendor notified:        July, 18 2002
Product URL:            http://www.janaserver.com
SECURITY.NNOV URL:      http://www.security.nnov.ru
Advanced info:          http://www.security.nnov.ru/search/news.asp?binid=2171

I. Introduction:

Janaserver  is Internet gateway software for Windows platform can act as
proxy,  E-mail  gateway  and  port  mapper.  JanaServer  up  to 1.46 was
freeware,  JanaServer  2.0 and above is shareware, it's intensively used
in  SOHO  networks.  Under NT platforms it runs as a service with system

II. Details:

8 vulnerabilities were identified:

1. HTTP server buffer overflow.

GET / HTTP/[buffer].0

causes overflow in logging component

2. HTTP proxy buffer overflow

Same overflow in HTTP proxy server running on TCP/3128.

3. Socks5 Username/Password/Hostname signed/unsigned buffer overflow

Username,  password  or  hostname  in  SOCKS5  request  longer  than 127
characters  cause  buffer  overflow  because  of invalid usage of signed

4. POP3 gateway buffer overflow.

oversized reply of POP3 server

+OK [buffer]

causes buffer overflow in logging component.

5. SMTP gateway buffer overflow

same overflow in SMTP server response:

nnn [buffer]

6. FTP server PASV system-wide DoS

On FTP PASV command server allocates TCP port without closing previously
allocated  port. In makes it possible to consume all TCP ports available
in system.

7. POP3 username/password bruteforce

POP3  gateway gives different diagnostics for valid and invalid username
and  allows  unlimited  number  of  authentication attempts. It makes it
easy to bruteforce username/password.

8. POP3 array index overrun (JanaServer <= 1.46)

During  mailbox  commands  there is no check message index is valid. For

RETR 1000000
DELE 1000000

will cause server to crash. JanaServer 2.2.1 is not vulnerable.

III. Workarounds:

1. Disable HTTP logging
2. Disable HTTP proxy logging
3. Disable socks proxy
4,5. Edit Texte.dat file, replace all occurrences of "%s" to "%.255s" in
lines numbered from 300 to 455.
6. Disable FTP server
7,8 Disable mail gateway

IV. Vendor and solution:

Vendor  was informed on July, 18 2002. Vendor claims all bugs are fixed.
No  reply from vendor since July, 19 2002. There is no information about
fixed version available on product's site.